Stephen Krashen – What What What Don’t Spanish teachers

What? What? What? Don’t Spanish teachers say that students have to listen to music to learn the language? Yes, most say that, but not all say that. I tell you this experience because many students say that they listen to music to learn Spanish, but in reality they say it only to avoid the effort of sitting down to take their Spanish classes. Yes, you may be able to learn new words by looking at the lyrics of the songs, but the music won’t help you speak Spanish easily, much less understand the people of the country. In my free book: 10 secrets no one tells you to speak Spanish like a native, you’ll find solid strategies to understand natives and speak Spanish easily. In this article, you’ll find good reasons to believe that music should only be a way to have fun with your Spanish. What is very interesting is that in the case of Spanish speakers, they also tell us that to learn English you have to listen to music. Think about it, if music is hard for local people to understand, it’s better not to use it as teaching material. This happens because music is not an appropriate material to learn a language, but simply art. In fact, singers in music can change the way they pronounce words just to make the song sound good. Learning songs in Spanish can become an excuse for many lazy students. Listen to what you want, but do it to enjoy the music, get closer to Latin American culture, relax or celebrate. 10 secrets no one tells you to speak Spanish as a native speaker. On the other hand, when learning Spanish, it’s best to listen to what’s easy to understand, or according to Professor Stephen Krashen : understandable content. He told me that “he” didn’t like taking classes very much and that “he” preferred to learn in a more fun way: listening to music. With this article, I never say at any time that you shouldn’t listen to music in Spanish: Have you ever thought that a song in your mother tongue says something completely different from what you saw when you read the lyrics? This has happened to me many times before and even to many of my Spanish-speaking friends.