Famitsu Poll Reveals – The Fire Emblem series celebrated

The Fire Emblem series celebrated its 30th anniversary in April and in honour of this milestone, the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu asked its readers what their favourite games in Nintendo’s popular strategy role-playing game series were. As part of its coverage of Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary, Famitsu conducted a survey to ask readers what their favourite game was. Yes, we still hope to get a relaunch or remake someday, especially considering the success of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Switch. Of course! The genealogy of the Holy War is the best fire emblem. It’s probably marketing to prepare for a re-release of Fire Emblem snes. It also makes sense that we get Binding Blade, because even though the game was released before Blazing Sword, the story of the game continues where Blazing Sword stopped, so for us it’s a sequel. Fans of the series will no doubt copy and paste their best thank-you gifts when they watch Holy War Genealogy in the first place. We need the retro fire emblem to be fully accessible to all actors. Ah well, you have 3 of my lowest entries in the series in the top 3, just add “Revelation of Destiny” and it would be perfect. We’d take the opportunity to test the Super Famicom games at every official performance, and we’re sure we wouldn’t be alone. The genealogy of the Holy War in the first place? Great reader. I probably like Awakening more than Three Houses in the sense that I can get it done. Yes, now a Nintendo remake of Holy War Genealogy, please.