Xbox Update Delivers – This month new family settings have

This month, new family settings have been added to balance the time you spend watching your family on screen, notification of wishlists, improvements to the mixer on Xbox access cards with friends and other improvements based on your feedback. We’re delighted that everyone loves the Wishlist feature in the Microsoft Store! In October 2019, Xbox Update adds notifications to this feature so you know when an item on your wishlist gets a discount. The Xbox Game Pass contains a library of over 100 high quality games so you can find a gem that you can share with your friends. With the release of Xbox Update in October 2019, we are taking additional steps to improve the configuration of our existing family of devices running on Xbox One and Windows. But don’t worry, we’re here to share many of the new features and improvements with the October 2019 Xbox One upgrade, which is available today for everyone. *With the new App and Game Limiter feature, we’re introducing two new key elements for time tracking: parents can now control how much time their kids spend on the device in certain apps or games, in addition to the total time spent on the device. Your friends can easily access the page of the game you recommend and download them immediately if they are members of the Xbox Access Card. Now you can recommend the game pass to your Xbox directly to a friend through a message, or to the whole community through your workflow, or share it with the club. Events provide players with new ways to discover and remember their favorite Xbox events or game communities, such as the start of a new season or Christmas events in the game. We are currently introducing an enhanced Capture and Share tab for a limited part of the Xbox One audience to measure interest and gather feedback. The mixer is more integrated into Xbox One with the October update. In the past, game capture could be enabled or disabled in the settings, and some games automatically recorded memorable moments when the feature was enabled. We’re constantly working to improve your gaming experience in Xbox One, and by the end of the year you’ll have more ads in stock. *The restrictions for applications and games apply to both Windows and Xbox One devices. If you want to help shape the future of Xbox and discuss the first features, download the Xbox Insider Hub app for your Xbox One or Windows 10 PC today.