Xbox Series X|S – Packaged in a drop box and left somewhere

Packaged in a drop box and left somewhere beyond the Arctic Circle, near the Terminus research complex, your main task is to follow the orders of the mysterious AI used to make “first contact” in the “Protocol” program. Any deviation from the orders of the AI is considered a violation of protocol and will result in the elimination of the complex and its personnel. Feature Protocol is a sci-fi comedy with a touch of horror, action and a twisted love story. Have a Good Day. Plot The plot of “Protocol” is probably set in the not-too-distant future. It depicts a violent soldier committed to the “Protocol” program. Have a Good Day. This is a line you will love and hate because you have broken protocol again. Any breach of protocol means your elimination and the elimination of the entire operation. Discover a fascinating plot full of conspiracies, twists and turns, countless swear words, dark humor and light taunts. You have been chosen to execute the protocol program. Once the protocol is signed, it must be executed immediately. The goal is to make “first contact” with an extraterrestrial life form. Microsoft can earn affiliate commissions when you click on a link and make a purchase. Ambiguity of genre We still can’t decide what genre this game belongs to. If you think hardcore is when you can beat the biggest bosses, try not to die when you catch the snowball. Remember that the fate of mankind may depend on your actions.