Healthy Greek Pantry – It’s the perfect hot meal just

It’s the perfect hot meal just before your daily nap in Greece. This recipe comes from one of the Greek cookbooks, called “The Best Greek Cookbook” by Chrissa Paradissis. Some time ago I shared this famous Greek mashed potato with garlic and I will introduce you to other delicious recipes here. Before I started writing this article, I asked my mother if she had any ideas for some simple Greek recipes, and before I knew it, I had stacked five Greek cookbooks next to my keyboard. The other three I collected from various Greek festivals in the Greek Orthodox churches of the United States were full of the most prized recipes from Greek families. She also took a transparent cardboard box with recipes from her German grandmother, my Greek grandmother, and other recipes that she had collected over the years. The Mediterranean diet is mainly based on vegetables and consists of whole grains, olive oil, fruit, vegetables, beans, and other legumes, nuts, herbs, and spices. Then I shared the recipe for chicken and potatoes with my Yiayia, which is a staple food in every Greek household and tastes so good. If you read my article, in which I presented three of my favourite French recipes, you know that I like family recipes. So I was very excited to choose great recipes from everything my mother gave me right away. In Greek it’s μπριάμ, it’s pronounced “briam”, but in English it means “briami”. Sprinkle with oregano, chopped garlic, crumbled feta cheese, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.