Language Learning Goal – 1 What is your target for the

1 What is your target for the month? 2 Do you know the main summer dictionary? 3 What are the 10 most popular summer sports? 4 20 words you need for the beach! 5 Is it too cold for school? Top 15 offers for bad students! 6 Beetles and insects 7 Working day in the United States 8 Dictionary and restaurant phrases 9 10 products that will kill you the fastest dictionary of 10 traps to know absolutely 11 Which adjective best describes your personality? 12 Columbus Day 13:14 Colors 15 What are the scariest and most mysterious words on Halloween? 16 Winter clothes for 18 U.S. veterans 18 The number of adjectives best describes your personality? 12 Columbus Day 13 Hour 15 Color 15 Which would you prefer the most frightening and most mysterious and mysterious words for the holiday? 22 Home Affairs s 23 Winter 24 Winter 25 Top 10 Nutrition Top 10 You can live longer than 26 Family 27 Sports 28 Musical Buildings 30 Beverages 31 Mammal 32Furniture Factory 33Factory Fruit 34 Fruit 34 Fruit 34 Fruits 34Fruits Plane 36 In the hotel 37 rooms in your home 38 birds39 40 months 41 Human personality 42 Aquarium43 43 44 Office 44 Class 46 Celebration 47 Purse 47 Purse 48 Father 48 Day of the Sun 51 4. July in the United States 52 addresses 53 Academy54 55 border posts cash exchange points 56 The first 20 words of positive emotion 57 sadly? 21 best words for negative emotions 58 Body – Body use 59-Working day in the United States 60 Learning the language 61Functions Functions Functions of Baseball World Championship 63 World Cup Baseball 64 Words 64 Hobbies 65 cities 66 Health 67 Hobbies 68 sports veterans World Word Day 64 Hobbies 67 Health 67 PE 68 sports veterans 70 Faizages Thanksgiving 71 USA Christmas 72 Accessories 73 12 Christmas! Words and phrases for New Year! 77 Top 15 Winter Snow Days Words 78 Geography 79 Food 80 Glossary and phrases in 81 building 82 Valentine’s Day Glossary 83 Birthday 84 Birthday WashingtonPreparation Basketball Madness 86 September Our Japanese experts are constantly releasing and publishing new video series, all their free lessons in the first 2 weeks before inclusion in our basic and premium archives. Follow our award-winning lessons with detailed notes in PDF format! These easy-to-print notes address the grammar and vocabulary issues presented in the audio recordings of the lessons. Want to learn offline or on the go? All our audio and video courses can be downloaded with a single click. Use our high-resolution video lessons to speak, read, write and understand Japanese in minutes. Do you want to read and understand Japanese in this class? All you have to do is include video subtitles.