Rocket League Begins – Here are the main features of the

Here are the main features of the quality of life of this update: post-game party, computer color counter, quick-game button, update information panel and new electronic sports equipment. After the update, you can select “Quick Play” and immediately start searching for the game in the last playlist. After the launch of the rocket league after the October update you will notice that the news area has been repainted. Switch owners will be able to participate for the second time since the launch of the game on Nintendo in November 2017, but technically this is the third time. If your team’s synergy with a player or team you’ve met online is unparalleled, you can easily celebrate the event with them via the post-game menu. Two new teams have been added to the rotation of the sports store: complexity and space for play! Stay up to date with new features in the sports store after the update. Psyonix will release the following update for the Rocket League on October 14th. With a growing collection of painted cars and stickers, we wanted to make it even easier to see which color team you’re on at the beginning of the game. Just in time to celebrate the terrible season and see the return of the Charmed Relics event. If “he” doesn’t pay off the loan to Tom Nuk, Liam will be happy to announce the latest Nintendo news and admire “his” video game library. The impulse counter itself doesn’t change, but the tile background is blue or orange, depending on the color of the team. The Information Network, which is usually located on the right side of the screen, has been replaced by a new Home Screen that highlights new events, fixed contracts or other important announcements. Therefore, the October update brings in color pulse counters. It also promises to reflect “what is expected” from a normal haunted event in the room. New players use the default 3v3 playlist by default for the first Quick Play selection. Team members who also choose “Party” will be grouped with you for the next game.