Favourite Nintendo Game – Asking a player to send a

Asking a player to send a favorite Nintendo game is like asking parents to choose their favorite son. SMW – one of those games that you can play for half an hour to get a dose of Mario or play until morning. SMW comes at the price of our favorite Nintendo game. Without the next game, the choice would be easy, and SMW would run away. This 2D platform game has ejected Mario’s franchise into the stratosphere for a reason. Do not get me wrong, the above games are great, but nostalgia leads us to Wave Race 64. The second test is nothing more than Super Mario Bros. What was unattractive was the realistic physics of water, complex routes and absolutely amazing test for two players: “Bonsai! We spent many hours playing this game oneon-e. Oh yes, the N64 controller was perfect for this game. It was a game that you could lose. Miyamoto-san for developing the final tool for the 2D platform.