Arcade Heroes Touch – TouchMagix a manufacturer of New Age

TouchMagix, a manufacturer of New Age ransom games has seen an increasing demand for its MagixFloor, a contactless, wireless, arcade ransom game that can only be played with your feet. I’m a big fan of video games, and since 2008 I have had my own The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah. There were few handsfree games on the market for slot machines and consoles, because Microsoft Kinect was not really the beginning of the long-awaited revolution of that time. The latest arcade game TouchMagix includes Carnival Cups, SpaceWarp 66, DriftN’ Thrift, Dicey Jump, Hop N Stack and MagixFloor. Video works with your entire arcade game portfolio and is available as a free software update for all operators. MagixFloor has an attractive showcase and uses high-quality “interactive projection technology” to project games onto the floor. TouchMagix has teamed up with Brunswick® to introduce Spark® technology, the industry’s first immersive and interactive spectacle counting method that revolutionizes the projection of tracks in bowling centers and provides an exciting and fun augmented reality experience in bowling centers. We’ve worked closely with the industry to find ways to get back to work safely, and have worked on several fronts to support them. “said Jayesh Kariya, CEO of TouchMagix. It comes with different title skills such as Chase The Monsters, Chicken Chase, Crush The Egg and many more, which means operators have different options to play in a box. Today the company is launching a new promotion in response to the “increased demand” for the game MagixFloor. TouchMagix® is a manufacturer of advanced, unprecedented coin-based rescue games in Wisconsin, USA, with a world-class research center in Pune, India. For others, such as Touch Magix®, this means that some of the games they produce over time are given a second breath. We first mentioned MagixFloor in 2016, when it was introduced almost as an attraction, not as a standalone arcade machine. It will be interesting to see whether other games are trying to switch to hands-free mode or not, but we probably won’t see many new concepts in this class until next year. These games can be played by the whole family at the same time, which makes them ideal for fun and safe family holidays.