Search Engine Watch – Every year our team analyzes the

Every year our team analyzes the results of audits of user sites to identify the most common SEO errors. The resulting statistics shows that 70% of “. To find all the above mentioned errors for your own site, you can launch your own project in Serpstat Audit ToolTool. Errors with them are very serious problems that affect the position of the site in search queries. According to our statistics, the most common mistakes should be avoided – with multilingual interface it is necessary to use the hreflang attribute for the same content in different languages. If the site is closed as a result of indexing, users will not be able to find it in the search results. The Serpstat team also found that tag and header errors are very popular, although they are very important for websites. Studies have shown that most sites have problems with meta tags, tags and links. They also help navigate the search engines and networks and browse the site. The most common errors are headers, HTTPS certificates and redirections.