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If you go beyond website analysis to understand how your position in local search results affects personal visits to your company, this is the key to understanding how you can use local SEO for real traffic. A Sparktoro study showed that in 62% of local mobile searches, the customer does not click on the search results to visit a company’s website. Join SEW, ClickZ and Rio SEO in our webinar to learn more about selecting the right SEO tools to get and keep your local business in the top 3 critical search results. In this webinar, you will explore the benefits of a local search approach and discover the key tools that should be part of your local marketing arsenal. Partnering with a local search solution to maintain and monitor offers across all sites is an excellent way to increase online presence and pedestrian traffic. If you are concerned that your company is not at the forefront of this critical local research, changing your SEO strategy to introduce the right tools may be your best option to be noticed by mobile users. Securing one of these top three places in a Google search is an essential part of creating a local search engine optimization. And while most companies know that they must pay close attention to the analysis of their website, many forget that preliminary online research also contains local lists. Studies show that 75% of consumers use a company’s website as part of their decision-making process, but even more, 87% of them also consider local offers. One of these first three points is essential to ensure that local researchers can find your company. Instead, they get the information they need from local lists at the top of their search results. Would you like to be up to date on the latest local SEO trends? Get the best ideas and news from our local SEO experts. Fifteen years ago, when a customer needed a hammer, “he” probably got a phone book, searched “Hardware,” picked out the hardware store near “his” home, went to it, and asked the employee, “Do you sell hammers? If there are no more hammers, the salesperson can draw a map of the nearest DIY store and the process will start from scratch. Visit us for our webinar “Scrap Your Stack: Powerful Local SEO for Corporate Brands, Simplified” to learn how.