, a B2B marketplace that connects companies with branding agencies, has identified the top experts who help their clients develop effective strategies to increase brand awareness, brand retention, brand loyalty and, therefore, sales. has compiled a ranking of the top branding agencies that work with companies to develop omnichannel strategies to increase brand awareness, retention and loyalty. With 30 years of experience in virtually every category and market, the depth of our branding expertise was recognized in compiling this list. A growing body of research shows that consistent and strategic brand presentation across all channels can increase sales by 23%, increase customer loyalty and increase average spend of loyal customers by nearly half. To better understand how branding can take your company to the next level, call us on 03 9693 0000 or email us. Truly Deeply is recognized as one of the top 30 branding companies in the world. One of our favorite topics is brand performance and, in particular, the positive economic impact of brand strategy and identity. Recognition of our branding expertise. David is the founder of Truly Deeply, a branding agency that has been working with brands to position them for growth for 25 years. If you are developing, launching or managing a brand, Brack would love to discuss with you how we can set you up for success. David has extensive experience working with corporations, retailers, food and beverage companies and entrepreneurs. lists the best creative branding agencies based on experience, industry and location. Several studies have shown a strong correlation between branding and sales growth. Their particular expertise lies in creating compelling brands that capture the attention of their target audience and distinguish themselves from the competition. Truly Deeply was the only Australian agency on the list of 30.