Disney Kids Readers – Some students have pets so they

Some students have pets, so they decide to read Disney Kids Level 3 101 Dalmatians to read with the class. In preparation, listen to the extended Disney Kids Reader audiobook to hear the pronunciation of names and places in the story. Read the story aloud along with the book to the group, using your voice and facial expressions for effect. Don’t interrupt the flow and magic by analyzing each page the first time you read the story. However, you can be sure that a lot of language will be learned while reading together: expanding vocabulary, making connections between printed words, spelling patterns and pronunciation, recognizing language structures in context, and applying critical thinking. Here are six practical tips for making reading-aloud activities fun, interesting, and even magical. You may even prefer to use an audiobook for your reading session instead of reading it yourself. It’s always a good idea to listen to professionals read a story aloud, what words they emphasize, where they stop, etc. If you’re not sure how to choose the right book, use the grading chart at the end of our Disney Kids Readers publication. Disney Kids Readers are books for remedial reading that combine the magic of Disney stories with the rigor of the global English scale. Strong students will enjoy following the development of the story, and students who need a little more support will feel satisfied when they understand the story in English. After all the fun games and activities, it’s time to divide up the class by story time. From Level 3: Disney Kids Readers 101 Dalmatians, p. Found at the end of each Disney Kids Reader as a picture dictionary in levels 1-3; levels 4-6 have a glossary.