Pokemon Cafe Mix – Pokemon Company has just launched a

Pokemon Company has just launched a YouTube presentation of Pokemon Presents, featuring Pokemon Smile and other new titles for the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. The Pokemon Cafe Mix will be released next week and will allow you to solve puzzles to serve food and drink in your own Pokemon Cafe. Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free introduction to buying applications. Today’s puzzles involve the combination of Pokemon symbols, and puzzles have different purposes. You can find details about Pokemon Smile here. The purchases on the application include several packs of golden acorn and packs of items, as well as a daily pack of acorn. If you want to receive it on the Nintendo Switch, you can download it for free here in the eshop before it goes on sale. The game will be launched worldwide on all platforms on June 23rd. Some features of XenForo developed by Audentio Design. Visit the official website here.