Keith Elwin – For a casual pinball player who doesn’t know

For a casual pinball player who doesn’t know or doesn’t notice who designs pinball machines he likes to play, if you call Iron Maiden or Jurassic Park Pinball Stern, they have Keith Alvin to thank him. As a child I spent countless hours with a video game called Pinball Kit that allows me to draw my own game. When I grew up, I built my own game in the garage, which caught the attention of the stars, and everything else is history. If you are an experienced pinball player and have been following this scene for some time then the name Kit Alvin is synonymous with fun, innovation and great pinball. Celebrity – pinball machine with vindictive design! Remember the name, remember the pinball machines, because we guarantee that everyone will play with pleasure. We thank China for his time and wish him all the best for the magic of pinball, which he creates. Keith Alvin [KME]: He was actually a camera operator and a pinball coach! I had games in San Diego and Los Angeles. Well, guys, Keith Alvin from Stern Pinball Inc. was actually a pinball operator and coach! When I have some free time, I start writing down ideas with the intention of revising them to see if they fit into a future game. KME: It’s usually me who takes ideas from my engineer Harrison Drake and he tells me I’m crazy or he sees the challenge and creates exactly what I’m looking for. I always wanted to be a pinball designer. KME: I have already talked to George and Steve, but this was my first date with a Borggie. KME: I think all the designers are somehow working on their next game, either on paper or in their heads. KME: It was good with the Stern team because we can always come and meet – thank you so much! I try to do things differently, but not too different if people don’t like it.