Beginner Learners Mispronounce – Don’t be discouraged

Don’t be discouraged, because these misinterpretations happen to even the best of us! There are a handful of homophones that Chinese students pronounce incorrectly because of their similar sound, and here we will help you distinguish them. However, the words “eyes” and “glasses” in Chinese are often confusing to students. But the Chinese language assumes the meaning of “confused” at a completely different level of challenge, especially when it comes to homophones. Pinyin is used to distinguish the different sounds of the Chinese language, which is very useful for beginners. In the English context it is understandable that the words “eyes” and “glasses” are loose due to common connotations. But if similar words are used, even the most native Chinese can get stuck in a track with pronunciation. Speaking Chinese becomes much more interesting if we continue to study the use of homophones and how they can be confusing in everyday conversations.