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There’s no way they misspelled Sonic games before and probably know what they’re doing. Anyway, there are some very interesting game projects on the projects page, and someone with keen eyes spotted the Sonic Colors remaster online. It’s funny because 06 is supposed to be an unfinished game, but Colors lacks the final Super Sonic battle, almost the entire cast, and actual 3D gameplay. If you want to know more, you can run to Sol and catch a sniff: you’ll find the game listed again on the About page, but with key covers from Sonic Boom instead of Colors. Is Sonic Colours Remaster listed on its projects page? It says 2020, so either the game was delayed or they were working on it by then. I’ve never played Sonic Colors, but I’ve heard good things about the game, so I’d appreciate a good remaster with better resolution, graphics, fps, etc. Sonic Colors was okay, but I would have preferred a new Sonic game. Honestly, I liked the Carrot-top game, but it had no place in a Sonic game. This is a Sonic game that I’m looking forward to remastering. Generations is a game I’m looking forward to on Switch: it doesn’t even need to be remastered, it’s that good, and it annoys me that the only version that exists on Nintendo platforms is a bad version for the 3DS. When you think about it, it’s a little controversial, but this is the game the Sonic series needed at the time to get back on track. I got to the final boss in two days, which is ridiculous for a Sonic game. I always thought Sonic was a cool character and played some of the early Genesis games, but I wasn’t really a fan.