Huntdown ’ – – The fact that Huntdown got a phenomenal

The fact that Huntdown got a phenomenal reception on other platforms probably didn’t go against it, making a mobile adaptation a justifiable decision, but I’m still glad that a game originally conceived as a mobile game got a mobile port. Easy Trigger Games originally announced its cyberpunk bounty hunter Huntdown back in 2016, when it was still intended for iOS and Android devices. Yes, Huntdown is now available for iOS and Android devices, which brings us back to Easy Trigger’s original intent when they announced the game over 5 years ago. Huntdown can be tried for free with a premium IAP to unlock the full version of the game, so there’s no reason not to download it and try it now. If you like platform shooters that were popular on 16-bit consoles and arcades in the90s, you’ll probably pull the premium unlock trigger before you even get to the end of the free game. Although the game looks incredibly good, I deliberately avoided Huntdown on other platforms in the desperate hope that it would ever appear on mobile. Instead, because the game has been so well received, Easy Trigger has partnered with publisher Coffee Stain Studios with the intention of releasing Huntdtd on consoles and PC. A little over a year ago, Huntdown finally came out on consoles and PC, and, oh wonder, the extra years of development paid off. The original 2016 trailer looked great, but Huntdown in its final form looks absolutely phenomenal. It offers plenty of free games so you know whether you want to pay to unlock or not. That’s probably too much explanation for a game of the week, which is usually pretty short, but I didn’t talk much about the game itself because there’s not much reason to do so. That’s not to say that the mobile version is completely off the table, but it’s been put on the back burner. Everything about it wowed me, and I was looking forward to seeing it come out later this year. Except. That it wasn’t released later this year. This week those desperate hopes came true.