Difference Between – Too much harassment not only

Too much harassment not only discourages solo travelers from experiencing all that a destination has to offer, but it also discourages some women from visiting the region. Through Hera, women travelers have access to destination safety guides, verified hotels, and a community of women traveling to the same place at the same time. Stalking women travelers is so common that almost every woman I know has at least one story to tell. The reality is that whether you are traveling alone or with other women, you may have to deal with some form of unwanted attention. I’ve already mentioned that harassment happens everywhere, and unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence when traveling. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from traveling, but rather the opposite: my goal is to bring out the sad truth and ultimately make a difference. Compliance or intimidation? Trust your instincts when traveling alone-what’s the difference between complimenting and stalking? Let me explain what a compliment is. I am a member of the Girls Love Travel Facebook group, and I have seen daily posts of verbal and sexual harassment. You’d think the difference between a compliment and harassment should be known to everyone, but not everything is black and white. A real compliment is meant to make you smile and make you feel appreciated. And that’s why I created Hera, a travel platform designed with safety in mind. I’ve often told travel stories to friends and seen the frowns and confusion on their faces. The misconception is that these things only happen in certain countries and regions. And while, yes, there are places better known for harassment, it happens everywhere.