Spiritfarer Debuts – Today I’m writing to you from the

We were going to announce our third game from our Spiritfarer studio on the world’s biggest stage, E3. It’s the opposite of our previous game, Sundered, and it’s a big creative risk for our studio. Spiritfarer is a convenient management game about death. Five years ago, I quit my job to develop an independent game for Kickstarter. It’s a game about inheritance and what’s left behind. I’d like to joke that the game was rated C for comfort. We hope you’re as excited as we are to bring the Shepherd of the Holy Ghost into this world. There is no violence in the game, no mistakes. I wish you every success and hope to see you personally at congresses and exhibitions around the world. These are the relationships you build and maintain and the bitter sweetness of farewell. My name is Will Dubet and I am the founder of Thunder Lotus Games.