JP2 Jurassic Park – Stern uses it to buy licenses with the

Stern uses it to buy licenses with the ability to produce, and often does not intend to manufacture the game, but the maintenance costs are so low that they are willing to accept these costs for the business. I wonder if they enter into licensing agreements in order to produce, choose advance licenses or if they work with an agency that provides a list of licenses from which Stern can choose. Unfortunately, a large part of their business model seems to be blocking licenses they consider good or, in some cases, simply driving passionate projects away from others. Licensees often see an interest in making a small business game, then run to the star and offer it for more money. I heard a rumor about the Deadpool Home Edition Stern wants to offer additional entry pins at a lower price. Since they manufacture games that often have many licenses in the hands of one company, these companies are pleased to let them sit in some and produce others. Stern seems to have many licenses under “his” stable. It’s amazing how many licenses are supposed to be connected to Stern without looking at it.