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That’s too Japanese to learn! All courses are free for the first 2 weeks of participation in our Basic and Premium files. That’s a lot to learn Japanese! All new lessons are FREE for the first 3 weeks before you get access to our Basic and Premium files. Our team of Japanese experts has posted new audio and video lessons every week. Do you want to learn offline or on the go? All our audio and video courses can be downloaded with a single click. Follow our award-winning lessons with detailed course notes in PDF format! These easy-to-print notes take a look at the grammar and vocabulary issues presented in the audio lessons. Get lesson recommendations tailored to your level, follow your progress, and save your favorite lessons and grades in a convenient place. Track your progress one lesson at a time! As you browse through our pedagogical files, we track your progress so you can see how quickly you learn. Don’t you understand the last word? Do you want to reduce the speed of sound so you can capture each syllable? You can do that! You can do it! All our audio files can be slowed down and accelerated to meet your language and listening needs. Call up this grammar guide and unlock detailed explanations, answers, examples and a BONUS audio track. Check out the Kanji characters used in the lesson dialogue with the Kanji Close Up worksheets! You will learn the meaning, the lectures and the order of the stripes of each character. You’ll also learn about Japanese cultural themes related to the lesson.