Pearson and the BBC return for another season Teachers and

Pearson and the BBC return for another season! Teachers and students from around the world can look forward to a new series of innovative and engaging lessons that can be taught in the classroom or at home. Live Lessons offers students ages 9-19 a unique opportunity to learn with peers from around the world in a truly international classroom. Watch this video to make sure you pick the right time for a live class or a great live lesson. If you teach online and your students are at home, you should participate in a great live class. Familiarize yourself with the lesson plans – as a teacher, make sure you understand the lesson plan and can help your students through the different stages of the lesson. The launch of Pearson and BBC Live Lessons is the winner of the British Council’s ELTons 2020 award for innovation in student learning resources. Learn more about Pearson and BBC Live Lessons or join our Live Lessons Facebook group. During lessons, you’ll be placed in group classes with other schools and invited to participate in communicative activities so students can learn from each other. If you’re back in school and teaching a class, join us for a live lesson. New this year will be a special Christmas edition of Live Lessons. If there are no more spots available and you would like to attend a live lesson, please fill out this contact form and we will put you on the waiting list. The content of the class is very similar, but the interaction is via chat or various online tools such as Padlet or Mentimeter.