Global Scale – The main purpose of the Institute’s language

The main purpose of the Institute students are international full-time students who plan to enter the University of Toledo when their English skills reach the required level. Finally, the Institute has begun using the Versant English Level test to determine the level that students should reach when they begin their studies at the Institute. The test consists of a detailed set of language skills and learning objectives that form the basis of our Pearson English courses and assessments. In 2016, the GSE was introduced to the American Language Institute, the English Language School at Toledo University, Ohio, USA. – with impressive results. Students, teachers and administrative staff found that courses and assessments supported by the GSE made language learning easier and more flexible. The Institute offers English language courses for students who want to improve their English and prepares students for international student English examinations. The 60-hour week is designed to quickly transfer students from a lower level of English to a level that allows them to successfully participate in university courses. It is an inspiring story about how the school has used GSE to transform its curriculum and achieve its goal of helping students improve their English and achieve their academic ambitions. The aim was to expand existing CEFR descriptor sets so that progress at the CEFR level could be measured and to meet the learning needs of a wider group of students. On average, they are between 18 and 20 years old and are enrolled in a language programme with level B1 in English. Teachers have also launched the MyEnglishLab, a digital platform for teachers and students. This has given them flexibility to deal with issues and has reduced the administrative burden associated with the automatic grading function. It can be used in combination with the modern curriculum and allows teachers to accurately measure the performance of their students in four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.