Complete Program – This comprehensive program is designed

This comprehensive program is designed for students who want to learn Japanese from the basics and acquire communication skills. You know how to present the complicated parts of the Japanese language in a simple way so that “your” students can fully digest the new information. I recommend his courses to everyone who wants to learn Japanese. Yuko-sensei always responds quickly with detailed information! She cares very much about the success of her students and has put a lot of effort into managing the courses. The package includes the following courses: Japanese 1 to 5: With registration, you have access to the same level of information without having to take a course! The teacher is there to answer your questions and support you in your learning. When you buy his courses, you not only get video lessons and downloadable PDF material, but you can also ask him questions – for as long as you want! After registration, you have unlimited access to the course for as long as you want, using all the material you have at your disposal. Your students describe “your” teaching style as fun, engaging and very easy to understand. Her students say that she is a kind, patient and understanding teacher who really cares about teaching – the course starts now and never ends! This is an online course where you set the pace, you decide when to start and when to stop.