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But if you have been studying Chinese for a long time, I recommend you not to study more abstract radicals unless you are interested. If you have questions about learning Chinese characters, feel free to ask them below. In a previous post, we talked about the structure of Chinese characters. Read our blog for useful tips and tricks as well as cultural information that will enrich your understanding of Mandarin Speaking of meanings, radicals play an important role because in most cases they have the most important meanings. However, there are many words that you cannot tell what radicals they have because they are quite complex, such as 肃. Even native Chinese speakers may not know. You know a lot about Chinese education and culture. The following radicals are divided into different topics. And it will bring us all a lot of interesting knowledge about the Chinese language. For each radical, I explain its meaning and give some examples so that you can easily understand what the radical means. And there are radicals that you really don’t know what they mean. Instead, I suggest you keep reading and figure out the rules behind these signs. In fact, radicals come from words that you may already know. Today we’re going to talk about how to recognize their meaning.