April Fools ’ – Don’t forget to lubricate the Innocent Day

Continue learning Chinese phrases in April – improve your knowledge of the Chinese language with these free keywords. Exactly, now that you know the words of the millions of best April Fools in Chinese, let’s take a look at some jokes and tricks to play with your friends, colleagues and family. Want to know how to say April Fools Day in Chinese? Well, there are a million ways and a million words, but here are the best Chinese words that you really need to know! Just click on this link. Prepare some posters with the following instructions and print them out: Lion roar challenge! Call this number – 12345-6-7890 – and leave the roar of your best lion on your voicemail! The best roar will be announced on April 10 in the cafeteria. Now wait for the complaints and see how long it takes for someone to discover the joke of April day. Frame a picture of a celebrity or infamous politician and bring it to work on April day. Take a paper cup and write with a black pen: “Danger! Do not lift the big spider from underneath. “Put it upside down on a flat surface, like a kitchen cabinet, coffee table or restaurant table. If you are visiting China, or working for a Chinese company, getting to know the Chinese caresses mentioned above can brighten your day. As long as you understand the joke, this can be a wonderful and fun way to start Lie Day in April. This day of jokes dates back to the 16th century calendar change in France, when the new year changed from 1 April to 1 January. But when exactly is it an innocent day? And where does the joke of the innocent come from? 1 April is celebrated every year on 1 April.