New Year ’ – This 30-minute activity will help your

This 30-minute activity will help your students think about how they can learn English in the future and what is most important to them. Write “How English Can Help Me on the board and have students copy it in the center of the paper. Ask your students to indicate how English can help them now and in the future. When students understand the assignment, form pairs or divide into small groups and ask them to think about how English can help them. Then ask students to write down their top five goals for learning the language. If you work online, you can have students print them out and put them on their desk at home, or you can link them to your e-learning platform. In the next lesson, think about your ideas and help students put the plan into action. Encourage older students to think about how English can help them in their university studies, their lives abroad, and their future careers. As a teacher, you can help them think about how learning English will help them now and in the future. You should look at your goals at different times of the year and ask students about their progress. Finally, when students have reached their personal goals, give them homework assignments. Young people can focus more on things that will help them in the near future. Ask students to put their New Year’s resolutions in a prominent place. Then ask students to individually rate the five ideas that are most important to them. Younger students may be more creative and paint their picture if they find it more appealing. Our students also think about their New Year’s resolutions.