Different Job – The main task of the secretary is to

The main task of the secretary is to develop and classify all types of documents, as well as to perform other tasks assigned to him by the person in charge and all other types of emergency operations. Li : Ninhsia Harvesting Sleep Harvesting Dao Harvesting Rande Antai Harvesting Jīnglǐ : Nà mingtiān qù bāng dìng yì zhāng xià zhōu qù Shànghǎi de jīpiào ba. Please enter the e-mail addresses of the actual recipients. Also, as the dialog shows, it informs the manager about the detailed program and buys a ticket for him: you do not have any plans from Wednesday to Friday. You have successfully sent this article by e-mail. If it will not be sent within a few seconds, click here. You may conclude that she is the secretary. I read: Hǎo van, jīnglǐ .