Nintendo Life – And if you’ve seen the new Panzer Dragoon

And if you’ve seen the new Panzer Dragoon trailer, it’s pretty clear that it’s improved a lot graphically, so I’m pretty sure the same will apply to the House of the Dead games. Polish studio Forever Entertainment is renewing the titles of Sega House of the Dead’s Lightgun and House of the Dead 2, and they’re coming to Switch. That sounds too good to be true! I wonder how small arms games work in the Switch. If they can get Joycon, or whatever control system they use, to react quickly and accurately enough, it will be the best news for me! House of the Dead 1 is my absolute favourite in the series. I know that arcades in America are mostly dead, but between Chuck E Cheese and Dave & Busters they still make beautiful games similar to these. Fantastic, we hope to see a remastered House of the Dead 3, 4, and Overkill soon also with Gyro looking for support. Goldman’s vocal role in House of the Dead 2 confused me when I played it in Dreamcast. Shamrock guns don’t work anymore, I keep my Saturn and Dreamcast versions, because they’re not very good with IR targets. So many arcade games would work well in change. I had the same problems with the House of the Dead and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles on PS4.