Valentine ’ – sounds like the Chinese word for “I love

sounds like the Chinese word for “I love you,” and “521” has taken on the meaning of “I want. Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating love in the information age and is held two days a year, May 20 and 21, because both dates are pronounced that way in Chinese. This “Internet Valentine’s Day” is also known as “Wedding Day,” “White Day” and “Valentine’s Day.” Because of this, May 20 and 21 have become auspicious days for marriage registrations and large wedding celebrations. To distinguish the numbers used to keep financial records, “壹贰叁肆伍陆柒捌玖拾佰仟万” was born. Thank you for signing up for free 1 on 1 classes at eChineseLearning! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one business day to schedule your free class. The dates of May 20 and 21 are homonyms for different ways of expressing love. With all the weddings, engagements and gift-giving, online shopping increases at this time. Many companies are offering group purchases, discounts and other promotions, and sales are skyrocketing. There are many fake ads now, many hypocritical ads, and people should be careful. A list of valid email addresses for recipients. Believe it or not, the introduction of these characters has prevented digital manipulation and tampering with electronic finances. List the recipients’ email addresses. Obviously, the results were published three days later.