Double Ninth Festival – Today we have the opportunity to

Today we have the opportunity to take a walk, bake barrels of flies, bake flower cakes, drink tea and chrysanthemum wine, while children learn poems about chrysanthemum. Dog cane, also known as the horn, comes from dog cane, from which Chinese medicine is made to scare away insects and moisture when climbing the mountains that day. So people like to carry it on their hands or crush it and carry it in their bag. It has always been celebrated during the day, so the double ninth day is also called “Chrysanthemum Day”. Although the double ninth day was originally conceived as a day to ward off danger, over time it has become a holiday. During the Double Ninth Day people take this opportunity to maintain their health by driving cones. From a medical point of view, wine is a medicinal liqueur that is drunk with a slight bitterness and helps to cleanse the eyes and refresh the mind after consumption. The habit of drinking chrysanthemums comes from a culture where chrysanthemums are considered a flower resistant to external influences, and praised for their growth, even in times of frost. That is why the festival was named “Double Ninth Festival”. As mentioned above, chrysanthemum is a symbol of long life and a symbol of sincere determination for poets who write poems on this topic.