New ‘ Mini – If you are in the Apple Arcade you can play

If you are in the Apple Arcade, you can play the latest game Dinosaur Polo Club Mini Highways. Metro simulator Dinosaur Polo Club has already had time to like the Nintendo switch, but it is even better if it is played with a cell phone. In early September, developers announced big plans to create a mini subway in 2020, with some updates planned. The first major update of the mini-meter for 2020 will be held on October 26 in Lagos and Santiago. They also said that one day there will be an update for the Nintendo Switch, as it is not edited directly Dinosaur Polo Club. If you have not yet played in the mini-metro, read Sean’s review here. Mini Subway, a subway simulator, now on the iPhone and iPad. After the update this month it is planned to increase the amount of content, including the Christmas update and update key features. A total of three new cards, new features and unprecedented player integration are planned by the end of 2020. To this end, the Dinosaur Polo Club will conduct a series of beta tests. It will be interesting to see how the game with all new content and planned functions will develop. The first of these updates will be published at the end of this month, with two new cards. Some functions of XenForo were developed by Audentio Design company. If you have not touched it yet, fix it. The date will be announced as soon as possible.