Trisevgeni Liontou – Formative assessment is also used when

Formative assessment is also used when asking questions about proof of concept during a session to find out if students understand what to do or when they refer to statements “may do” in their textbooks. With more than 2,500 learning tasks organized by type, competence or level of study, you can easily identify clear and measurable goals for your students. It allows teachers to monitor and determine students’ English proficiency, make decisions about the program, and diagnose students’ skills and levels of proficiency. It is important to understand the differences in learning objectives and procedures, intermediate and summative assessments, so that best assessment practices can be applied to achieve the right goals. It also allows teachers to make changes throughout the course, which benefits students when they take the cumulative exams. To do this, we use Trisevgenius Lyontou and Bill Bonca, who are experts in combining formative and preassessment tools in the classroom. The English Language Learning Test, or TELL, is an interactive assessment tool for K-12 grades that allows schools and teachers to ensure that students are in the classroom at the best possible level. This provides a basis for comparison with year-end assessments to measure growth and monitor progress, so that teachers can also use important data for teaching throughout the year. Tricevgeny is a senior professor at the University of Athens, Greece, with a PhD in English and Linguistics, specializing in EFL testing and evaluation. As data is collected and presented, it is used to inform students, parents, teachers and principals. Those who wish to take a similar examination for language schools should take the Pearson English Placement of Progress exam. Learn more about formative assessment and what teachers need to know in this useful article.