Iceberg Interactive – Joel has played independent games for

Joel has played independent games for the past seven years on several websites including, Siliconera, Gamasutra, Warp Door, CG Magazine and more, and has written books on Undertale and P.T. over the past seven years. Raymond Snipp of Iceberg Interactive was with us this week in the editor’s profile and spoke in detail about the presentation process and how the developer can adapt to everything and make an impression. If you send an email release, you want the introduction to be brief and then converted into a release document or game design. It’s nice to meet you at an event, but unfortunately you’re not the only one presenting your idea, especially at twin events like Game Connection. The same thing happens if you meet an editor or investor in person at an event – don’t burden the editor or investor with too early details. If you have a decent or demo version and you feel comfortable showing off your game or project, please contact this editor. Just add your original ringtone, video game link or compilation if you don’t have it with you. Raymond Snippe, Iceberg Interactive: My name is Raymond Snippe and I am the Business Development Director of Iceberg Interactive. Aisberg Interactive was founded in 2009 by an international group of industry veterans, so next year it will be ten years. Most publishers have a special section or contact form dedicated to the fields on their website or portal. If you are invited to make a presentation, please make a short presentation and leave a space for questions. If as a developer you can bring your energy and love of the game to your project, don’t worry, we’ll notice your enthusiasm and be happy to see you again. Always a gift from your laptop or tablet – don’t use your mobile phone! Make sure you have a power supply on hand when there are no sockets nearby.