Games Researcher – A frequently asked question: “How do I

A frequently asked question: “How do I get into this psychology of the video game industry? And although I’m not sure that this is an entire “area” at the moment, it is hard to deny that the combination of psychology and video games is more than just an academic exercise in which university researchers are literally engaged in scientific research. In this episode, I talk to one of these researchers, who works at Riot Games and develops games such as Liga das Subendas and Valorant, about what “he” does, how “he” got to where “he” is, and what advice “he” gives to those who want to follow this kind of education. But more and more people with education and psychological training in video games come to us. I want to say that yes, I have already spoken to many of them in this podcast. May 1, 2020 in this podcast. The invited expert in this episode, Dr. Deep Rock Habits v.