Smart Learning® – We offer you a unique 360º learning

We offer you a unique 360º learning experience in which the entire English course is enriched with daily doses of carefully crafted content on a variety of topics to meet your needs. Our Online English Academy’s learning method, Smart Learning® is based on the fact that you learn best and most effectively when you learn with content you love. A study conducted by researchers from the Universities of Barcelona and Valencia evaluated the effectiveness of the ABA English learning method and concluded that 20 hours of our course achieved the same results as a traditional 6-month course in an American university. Our biggest challenge is to create a course that improves every day and develop a more attractive and effective content so that you don’t feel that you are making a big sacrifice in your learning. From podcasts to video courses, you can integrate content on a variety of topics and real-life situations into your learning, such as a question about augmenting a class or vocabulary in a specific area. This applies equally to learning English, whether you are learning online or in person at an English language academy. This is why we have developed micro-lessons, i.e. new everyday content on a variety of topics, customized with different formats and a clear learning objective. On the one hand, we offer an English course that allows active training with everyday situations that can be found everywhere. In ABA English we would like to show you a different way of learning English. Our objective is to give you access to the best learning tool according to the content that interests you. We believe that the most effective way to learn English is to learn the content that you really like. The next day you will want to come back to our English Academy to learn something new. A key element of the Smart Learning® method is our unique and personalized content in formats that fit your schedule and needs. You may want to learn English to advance your career, take a trip or just have fun. That’s why we’ve focused all our efforts on creating the best possible learning experience, where learning becomes a pleasure, not a chore. This means creating a 360º experience where the emphasis is on personalisation of content, visual elements and innovative formats.