Interesting Lesson – “Envy” – In China there is a jargon

“Envy” – In China there is a jargon term for it: a new jargon term that is popular, modern and used to describe people who are arrogant and jealous. These common words that make up the jargon term actually have a history behind their existence, just like many other jargon or idiomatic terms in Chinese. The emergence of idiosyncratic comments and expressions, often aimed at content creators, could only give way to the jargon that describes that behavior. You may be wondering how such simple words can become popular in jargon. Read more in this article about why “eating vinegar” means “jealous” in China. The term jargon can be used to express jealousy in a self-thought-out way that can be fun. The Internet is full of media in different types of content formats, whether in the form of blogs and live feeds or pre-recorded video.