NSO Icon – What do you think about this new icon Does it

What do you think about this new icon? Does it bother you as much as the users of the above switch? Are you even interested in what the Start Menu of the Switch looks like or are you more interested in games that you can play on a Nintendo Hybrid System? Please share your thoughts below. I’m very annoyed that the “Nintendo Switch Online” icon on the main screen is not the same as the other icons. I don’t like the intention of the Nintendo patent, which is to put the service in the minds of users so that they somehow have to test it against their will, and I hope that you will notice negative comments and just match the icon with the rest of the menu design. I understand that Nintendo wants people to buy its services over the Internet, so I think it’s a compromise that the red icon stands out more than the gray icon, but both are compatible with the other buttons. What about people who have their own lives, who can keep their stupid disappointments to themselves, who like the new button on the screen to change the menu, or who don’t care*? I resent it. We’re sure that Nintendo has a good reason to differentiate the OSN icon from the others, and if we have to guess, maybe it’s because it’s an online payment system service. I wonder why Nintendo charges for other things for free now that they know how many people are willing to pay for things that are almost effortless and I wonder how many shillings they will protect it. As mentioned in the release notes, an NSO icon has also been added to the switch’s main menu, and well, not everyone seems to be happy about this. But the icon on the NSO home screen is so different from the other icons next to it that it seems to be out of place. Secondly, unlike many people, I don’t sit for hours looking at the interface, but play real games on my switch.