Indie Retro News – The kingdom is invaded by evil spirits

The kingdom is invaded by evil spirits, dead souls, wild beasts and evil dragons. The only way to win is to explore the kingdom, enter the buildings, eliminate the evil servants, collect all the sword coins, enter the castle, and defeat the mighty dragon to save the beautiful princess. Those who want more for their game and love collecting boxed editions will be pleased to know that KINGDOM OF BATTLE is also available as a COLLECTOR’S EDITION in a beautiful full-color box that contains the C64 game on a 5.25-inch disc with fantastic art by Trevor Story. I didn’t stay up long, but that didn’t stop me from writing this great news on IRN, as we were recently informed via Facebook that Psytronik Software, in partnership with ICON 64, has released their new Battle Kingdom game as a digital download. In this game, you take on the role of the mighty Sir Bob as you seek to free the once peaceful kingdom from the evil that has taken over the city and its unfortunate inhabitants. Developed by Blogger.