Ben Ming Nian – The Chinese are known to change the

The Chinese are known to change the orientation of their bed, chair, table, and even where they live and work in order to move away from Tai Sui will be behind them” and thus attract good luck. It is said that every twelve years people experience a year of change and adjustment, and unfortunately for all oxen, this year is associated with extreme bad luck. In Chinese astrology, the year of the zodiac sign is the most unlucky year for a person born in that year. You should place a small statue of this auspicious animal in the year of the zodiac birth, and in 2021 – to the southwest, to the northeast. Jade jewelry can be worn anywhere on the left side of your body to increase your luck in this bad year. 1.Say “太岁 tài suì” at the beginning of the lunar year. But it is commonly believed that getting married, moving, traveling, or starting a business during the year deserves a lot of attention. It is said that people can easily find “太岁 tài suì” during Ben Min Nian, who is the legendary god responsible for people’s happiness. If it is a bull, it must go unnoticed so as not to attract the attention of “񙊪岁 tài suì”. So it is better to spend time in nature and not take things personally because they are out of your control. can happen, but it is not necessarily a completely negative year for people in this zodiac year. And when a person enters the year of their zodiac, their life undergoes some changes.