Indie Retro News – Usually we tell Amiga Bill about it but

Usually we tell Amiga Bill about it, but this time he contacted us exclusively for his Tweet about a pretty awesome game called Bean vsvs. Animator. According to Amiga Bill, this is a new game that will be available in 2021 on an Amiga near you, and is heavily influenced by classic gun-based arcade games like Terminator Doomsday 2. According to Mr. Bill’s review, Bean Vs The Animator is an Amiga-based game based on an Amiga 500 or 1200 with a 1mb ram. The full game will include six dumb weapons, 6 levels including space, lunar surface, sea and graveyard, an intro, two support players and a nasty soundtrack to accompany the game. So keep an eye out for the game, which will be released later this year through the company for only five bucks. Developed by Blogger.