Arcade Heroes ICE – Casting is officially called “ARCADE

Casting is officially called “ARCADE PRO”. “This range includes ICE games such as Super Chexx Pro, home version of Colegiate Hoops and home version of its ICEBALL launcher”. From October 2020, we will launch a series of arcade games exclusively for your home. I’m a big fan of video games, and since 2008 I’ve had my own The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah. It seems that there are no real changes in the game, except that it is free, but we will have to wait and see how the hardware and price differ from the full commercial version. Many arcades are still closed in many places, although most of the restrictions have been relaxed in some places, which also means that the arcade manufacturers did not have many customers to sell their creations. One company that solves this problem with a brand new line of home slots is ICE. On the one hand Arcade 1up they launch a new line of home made slots. ICE told me in the first news that these are all high quality parts – although they are designed for home use, they are built in the same factory and with the same idea as their commercial versions. It’s also very interesting that they carry household items from some other products – you can see a home pinball machine Namco Class 81 with a woman. As a rule, these are small, coinless versions of existing games, ideal for a man’s grave or a game room. We will learn more about them around October 1, when the company will also open a showroom for games. This is a time of change and adaptation, which is a challenge for companies that typically focus on outdoor entertainment products. I asked Raw Thrills about this, and they told me that they only supply software, all the hardware “it” is fully ICE supported.