Dr Mario World – Mario World” starts the fourth season of

Mario World” starts the fourth season of Vs-Mode with the addition of Dr. Hoy, in addition to the new season of Vs-Mode, a new update was also launched. This update includes adjustments to the balance of Doctor’s skills, Scenario Mode difficulty level and coins earned in Vs Mode. Level 10 was added simultaneously with Station 4 in Vs Mode. This update has also reduced the number of keys needed to open combat boxes. To compensate for long-term maintenance costs, an additional game bonus in the form of 10 worms and an employee card in the document box was provided. Please, read our game manual here if you just start playing and you need help. Mario World is now available for iOS and Android. If you have not yet played it, you can download the game App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. For promotion you will need 4100 battle points, and you can get a reward of 100 Doc chips. Visit the official website here. Dr. Boo and Bruiser: Dr. Boo and Bruiser Trailer