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Five winners will be selected from five different regions – Africa and the Middle East South America, North and Central America, Europe and Central Asia, Asia and Oceania. “I would advise other teachers to sing their songs, to be honest, to be authentic in everything that concerns their profession and students. “If other teachers are considering participating in this award, I recommend that they simply choose authenticity. You have the opportunity to tell your story, learn from your peers and inspire other teachers. Richelieu Zakszewski is the director of the Global Campaign at Pearson English. We want to hear from all those who are passionate about teaching English. How your English lessons have affected your students’ lives. She has been working with Pearson for almost eight years, both in the U.S. and UK, and has experience in sales, marketing and product development at universities. Prior to joining Pearson University, “he” worked for the U.S. Visit our Teacher Awards website to register and