Engine Watch Search – If you click on the “Advertising

If you click on the “Advertising examples” section, you will also see the keywords used in your competitors’ paid campaigns, but this time they are grouped under specific ads. In this article, I will tell you how you can analyze your paid campaigns to determine which keywords have led to the highest number of conversions and focus on these phrases to improve your SEO. If clicks don’t produce results, it means that people who use these specific keywords are not ready to buy. In addition, most search results offer many special features, including ads, extracts, the box “People also ask” and others. In the report, you will see a list of similar keywords that your top 100 competitors have bid on, as well as the ads that appear for these keywords. You will see the list of keywords used by users and by those who had their ad displayed and clicked on. To collect the keywords that lead to the highest click rates, select “High to Low” under “Clicks”. If you don’t want to lose your potential customers to the competition, it’s worth focusing on your brand’s keywords as well. To expand your SEO keyword list, you can also analyze the ads and keywords your competitors bid on. If your website is shown in both paid and organic search, the chances of a user clicking on one of the results increase. The fact that people click on the very relevant ad and find what they are looking for on your website allows you to better measure user behavior. By analyzing your PPC campaigns, you can determine which keywords lead the most to conversions. In your Google Adwords reports, you will find a lot of useful data to optimize your organic search. This is why selective paid traffic often has a positive influence on the ranking of organic research. Therefore, it is important to check the keywords for which your competitors’ ads appear.