Quick Guide – A business style guide allows your team to

A business style guide allows your team to consistently use the right tone and word choice across all platforms, including the use of brand-specific terms that distinguish your company’s message from your competitors’.” Effective writing takes time to learn, but with the right technology on your side, you and your team can make great strides today. Tip: Grammar style guides make it easy to establish rules to ensure that your company’s writing is relevant. For example, writing an informative business report for your team members is very different from writing engaging content for a blog article designed to attract potential clients. Go beyond professional and in-depth communication by tailoring your writing style to the context of your message. When you tailor your writing style to your audience, you increase engagement by eliminating unnecessary elements that are not directly relevant to your audience’s priorities. Understanding how and when to use different writing styles will have a big impact on the results you want to achieve with your message. Let’s take a look at five basic principles of effective business correspondence and how they can improve communication in your organization. Example: Your finance team is preparing a company status report to present to the CEO Make sure your business writing tips are effective by using a digital writing program like Grammarly Business. Now that you know the basics of effective business writing, it’s time to put them into practice. A corporate style guide can be a powerful tool for aligning your team – and your company as a whole. The style guides inform each team member in real time about acceptable business language.