BBC Live Classes – For the safety of your home students

For the safety of your home, students can participate in a webinar version of our live courses, where they can interact with hundreds of other students from around the world who are also studying online. The Pearson and BBC Live Courses offer students a fantastic opportunity to engage in an unforgettable and exciting learning experience. Want to learn more about what you can expect before enrolling? Visit the Pearson and BBC Live Lessons website to meet the instructors and view the lessons. Lessons bring students from around the world together for a live online lesson. Over the past three years, Pearson Lessons and BBC Live Lessons have reached over 10,000 students in nearly 700 schools in 39 countries. By enrolling in the Live Lesson, your students are participating in distance learning with 9 other groups from around the world. And don’t forget that this is also a great opportunity for teacher training! A one-year distance learning course gives you the opportunity to see another online classroom in action. Courses are adapted to seven different levels in five different age groups, so you can be sure that your students will get the most out of their courses. Courses are designed to be as interactive as possible and encourage students to collaborate and exchange experiences with students from other classes. Students will not only learn how to speak and practice English, but will also make connections that will inspire and motivate them for further study trips. After class, your students will have the opportunity to join our community on Facebook. Classes will be led by one of our instructors, using exciting Pearson course materials and authentic BBC videos. We are confident that you will receive many ideas and tips from the class.