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Teachers who teach in person this semester face various problems at the beginning of the school year. For practical information on teaching online and effective classroom use, please visit our classroom community. But no matter how diverse the classroom environment, setting SMART goals can help you and your students focus on your learning goals for next year. In his distance learning webinar, Ken Beatty explores how to organize your courses, how to plan effective and stimulating lessons, and how to maintain high motivation. In the short video below, teachers from around the world share their best online learning tips. It offers the best tips for blended lessons and the importance of appropriate activities for students. And for specific advice on teaching in a socially remote classroom, read this blog post by language learning specialist Sarah DavilaDavila. If you are giving a combination of online and classroom instruction, there are a number of interesting structures you can use to get the most out of the resources available. In this article on blended learning, ELT author and teacher Mike Grow explores what he can and cannot do with a blended model. Lindsey Warwick’s practical guide to e-learning offers a wealth of information for teachers. You’ll find many other return to school tips on our resource page, which covers professional development, assessment, teaching methods, tools and resources, and well-being. Some still teach online, while others use a hybrid model of face-to-face and online learning. They cover topics such as formative assessment, blended skills classroom teaching and grammatical framing. And in this sequential article, Michael Brand, one of our live instructors, describes six ways to use classrooms for engaging and dynamic online learning. Whatever your educational situation, we have gathered a number of resources that can help.