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Borderland: Beautiful collection with 88 points in Metacritic, it usually costs $59.99 but will be available for free in the epic games store until 4th June 2020. Epic Games offers free copies of Borderlands The Handsome Collection, a collection of cooperative + classic DLC photos, which begins May 28 at 17:00 CET and will be available until June 4, 2020. To get the free game, you also need to enable two-factor authentication in the Epic Games Store. Wait until the game is available today at 17:00, then simply go to the Epic Games Store or find the game at the launch site before 4 June 2020, add the game to your shopping cart and place your order. Shoot and rob while exploring the chaotic world of Pandora in Frontier 2 and the lunar disease of Frontier 2: A beautiful collection. To see other free games we talked about, check out the free category. Don’t forget to come back next Thursday to see the next free version of Epic Game Store. *Includes all downloadable content for Frontier 2 and Frontier 2: Preview sequence until December 31, 2017. Watch the award-winning FPS RPG series, which includes multi-million dollar weapons, patented cooperative gameplay and all bonus content. After that, you can continue and play the game forever. IndieGameBundles is the world’s first prize aggregator. It’s that simple.